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About Us

The team behind Ikhwa Technologies has been working as development partners, consultants and software architects to/at various international product based companies since 7+ years in the tech industry. We have served clients in Canada, Germany, UAE and have worked on countless individual/freelance projects along the way as well.

Services & Technologies

Static Websites

Design and develop professional and responsive websites for all your business needs.

Web Apps

Contemporary and tailor made cutting edge web site solutions, through out of the box thinking and passion for our clients.

Mobile Apps

High performance, feature-packed, full spectrum mobile app development to provide a right app for your business.

Blockchain - Web 3.0

Best blockchain-based solutions for your business to make your workflow efficient, your processes transparent and your competition scarce.

Backend & APIs Dev

Design and implement scalable backend APIS that communicate effectivety with the front end and database while fulfilling middleware roles.

UI UX Design

Solve the most pressing product design challenges by creating intuitive user experience design to build a comfortable experience for your product users.

Our Values

Our mission is to make software solutions easier , faster and cheaper. We want to make software solutions and digitization accessible to everyone around the globe. We hope you choose us once to experience our quality services, as we do our best to provide clients with effective software solutions with zero communication pain and conform to strict deadlines.


MEDIC is a cloud based EMR whereby clinical users can manage appointments, record medical data such as vitals, allergies, dental charting and so much more. It is integrated with UAE’s Govt based HIE and Insurance management systems.

CLAIMR is a cloud based RCM system integrated with UAE’s Insurance management systems to submit, manage and control revenue cycles. It also allows users to preview past claims and monitor and resubmit expiring claims in a timely manner.

An ecommerce solution for an online mobile store


A beautifully built website for an aviation services provider

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